General Dentistry

At Smile Spa, we have put together a comprehensive team of clinicians so that we can offer all round care to our patients.

We have a visiting oral surgeon who provides his services to patients who need complex extractions, sedation for treatment and other types of complex treatment that patients would otherwise have to be referred to a dental hospital for. This means that we can offer shorter waiting periods for patients in need of treatment.

We also have a visiting children’s orthodontist who can take referrals for children with all of their permanent teeth. Again, this reduces waiting times for our patients as orthodontic referrals can take years in some cases. However, there is still a significant wait due to the popularity of children’s orthodontics.

Please see below for information on some of the other general dental treatments that we provide.

Children's Fluoride Varnish

shutterstock_16260229Fluoride Varnish is a quick 5 minute treatment available to children aged between 3 and 17 that helps to protect the enamel on their teeth and, along with proper brushing, prevent tooth decay.

The varnish is a pale yellow colour and it has a fruity taste and smell so it is not unpleasant for the child. It is applied by a dental nurse using a small, soft brush like a nail varnish brush and it sets quickly.

Following the application, your child should NOT brush their teeth that night but start from the next morning and continue at least twice daily using toothpaste containing fluoride.

This treatment can be repeated every 3 months up to 4 times a year and is free. Please contact us if you would like to book your child an appointment.