Ceramic Crowns


Crowns restore, preserve functionality and improve the appearance of your teeth. Crowns are commonly known as caps because they sit on top of a prepared tooth.

The type of Crown we use are Ceramic Crowns which provide the ultimate combination of aesthetics and strength, giving you a natural looking and long-lasting restoration. They are made entirely from a hard, tooth-coloured porcelain material using the latest techniques and technology.

  • If your tooth is decaying and there is not enough structure left to support a filling
  • If your tooth has been fractured beyond repair and composite bonding will not work
  • If you have a large cavity and need additional protection
  • As part of a dental implant treatment
  • As part of a root canal treatment
  • If your teeth have eroded, you may need a Crown
  • As part of a Bridge treatment.



Before and after ceramic crown restorations
Before and after ceramic crown restorations
  • If your tooth is chipped, damaged, discoloured etc but is still strong, Veneers may be a more appropriate option as they are less invasive/destructive to the tooth than a Crown.

    Composite bonding can also be used to rebuild cracked or chipped teeth. Composite is a sturdy tooth coloured material used for white fillings that a dentist can manipulate into cracks or chips to improve the appearance of teeth.

  • It depends on how well you look after them. Crowns will require the same amount of hygiene care and attention as your natural teeth.